Tarasy Zamkowe – an event that turned into a campaign

Following a successful tender, Ambasada BC works for Tarasy Zamkowe, a shopping center in Lublin. The advertising campaign we created started with “A Stylish Lublin Guy” event, during which we searched for brand ambassadors among the inhabitants of Lublin. Out of several hundred applicants, several dozen were invited to the casting with Danish photographer Troels…

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mBank: increase in the number of customers from 300,000 to 3,000,000 over 9 years

mBank (part of Commerzbank) is one of the most important banks in Poland. The scale of Ambasada-mBank cooperation can be best expressed by the numbers: nearly 120 briefs a month due to full-service support, numerous awards (effie, ktr, kreatura), and above all sales effects of subsequent campaigns, translating into an increase in the number of…

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