“Professionalism, creativity and commitment, bolstered with significant experience of the staff and tangible benefits from the works that have been completed, stand for a strong recommendation of the agency, as a good and reliable partner”Piotr Jakubowski, mBank

Merck Sharp & Dohme

“Ambasada offered a well-defined creative concept and demonstrated high flexibility and efficiency, responding promptly to challenges and demands that occurred.”Mikołaj Łypka, MSD Polska Sp. z o.o.

Urząd Miasta Poznań

“The contracting party showed deep commitment when implementing the task, dedicating an experienced team consisting of top quality professionals to carry out substantial and creative tasks, and the service was being exercised with utmost care.”Łukasz Goździor, Poznań Municipal Authorities

BRE Bank

“I think that effectiveness of both campaigns and BRE Bank satisfaction with the collaboration are the best recommendations for the agency.”Szymon Midera, BRE Bank S.A.

Samsung Electronics Polska

“We highly recommend this agency as a reliable partner operating in the advertising industry”Małgorzata Krajewska-Szaruch, Samsung Electronics Poland


“These are creativity and courage in suggesting exceptional, exquisite ideas that are to be particularly appreciated.”Krzysztof Kaleta, Agros Nova


“We take full recognition of the agency for its creativity, yet also for quality, timeliness and a broadly defined professionalism of this organization, that could have been seen at all the stages of cooperation.”Sylwia Kocon, Agros Nova


“It is necessary to highlight creativity and the agency’s approach towards the customer.”Marcin Dzionek, Agros Nova


“We take full recognition of the agency for its creativity, yet also for quality, timeliness and a broadly defined professionalism of this organization, that could have been seen at all the stages of cooperation.”Sylwia Kocon, Agros Nova


“We are so glad of final projects. The new product has great sales and sales plans have been significantly exceeded.”Dawid Błaszczyk, Kamis S.A.

Idea TFI

“The presented solutions featured creativity and exceptional projects, resulting from a well-thought strategy.”Joanna Tafil, Idea TFI S.A.

Coty Polska

“We are impressed with efficiency of the organization and quality of services it provides over logistically complex projects. The thing worth mentioning is also professionalism and expertise of the creative team.”Jolanta Bigus, Coty Polska Sp. z o.o.

Media Expert

“Our collaboration with Ambasada fructified with the campaign high viewing figures, attracting attention of the spectators, broadly commented across social media. We considerably appreciate both the strategic commitment of the agency and the creation level. (..)The agency proved its speed, efficiency as well as an ability to deal with a demanding celebrity.”Marcin Filipowicz, Media Expert Sp. z o.o.

Universal Pictures Polska

“Solutions we were delivered fully satisfied our expectations, in terms of creativity, merits and production.”Sylwia Kocon, Universal Pictures Polska Sp. z o.o.


“The agency proved its creativity, full involvement into the venture, timeliness and reliability. (..) The output of research that had been carried out show that the campaign met its targets.”Ewa Słowik, PFRON

Telewizja Polska

“The agency is a nice and competent team, which, owing to its experience, is always able to suggest options that meet our demands.”Hanna Wójcicka-Grudowska, Telewizja Polska S.A.

UCB Pharma

“We commenced this collaboration based on recommendations and now we can state with full conviction that services of this particular agency are to be recommended.”Artur Gano, UCB Pharma Sp. z o.o.


“Over the collaboration, the agency has drawn up a wide range of successful deliveries, featuring an ultimately high artistic level.”Iza Bogus, Centralwings


“We are really satisfied both with the projects and the way we conducted our collaboration (..) The projects were honored by our headquarters in Mannheim”Kinga Kowalska, Roche Diagnostics Polska Sp. z o.o.


“We are delighted with complex services delivered at each and every stage of works, from the project itself to color attempts and submission for publication. We considered a large number of the projects highly innovative.”Paweł Kawecki, Herbapol Lublin S.A.


“We appreciate creativity (..) and the competence of the entire team as well as comprehensiveness of services and commitment of the agency at each stage of the project.”Aneta Bura, Delecta


“Professionalism, timeliness and creativity of solutions are the features perfectly describing our cooperation with the agency.”Alina Mrozek, Krüger Polska Sp. z o.o.

Angelini Pharma

“The company proved itself to be a professional, perfectly prepared organization, fully involved into tasks it had been given.”Magdalena Kruszewska, Angelini Pharma

Bank Smart

“We highly appreciate competences and the conceptual work of the agency.”Tomasz Lipiński, Bank SMART

Stowarzyszenie Unicorn

“We greatly value our collaboration with Ambasada BC and recommend it warmly to all the prospects.”Danuta Ochał, Unicorn Association

Bank Pocztowy

“Advertising activities were very efficient […] The number of bank accounts we sold increased by 28%.”Ewelina Sadowska-Pilc, Bank Pocztowy


“Suggested solutions featured quality of creation and proved the company was familiar with the market and prepared in terms of strategy.”Magdalena Milewska, Stokrotka


“We highly appreciate both the strategic involvement and the creation level.”Anna Zając, Pizza Portal

Komenda Główna Państwowej Straży Pożarnej

“The campaign perfectly matched the “No for CO2” long-term project and constituted its crucial component.”Mariusz Mojek, National Fire Service Headquarters