During our cooperation with ENEL-MED Medical Center we prepared communication for individual company brands, including the ENEL-SPORT orthopedics and rehabilitation center and the ESTELL aesthetic medicine clinic.



An advertising campaign of the orthopedics and rehabilitation center.

In the clinic established in 2015 work outstanding specialists, who take care of e.g. the Polish national football team. Therefore, in the communication of market advantages of ENEL-SPORT, we focused on real faces of real doctors. Media: press, digital, outdoor.



An advertising campaign of medical services and packages.

Our cooperation with ENEL-MED Medical Center resulted in a large number of press campaigns, BTL and OOH projects.



An advertising campaign of the aesthetic medicine clinic.

What do Paulina Smaszcz-Kurzajewska, a journalist, and ESTELL aesthetic medicine clinic have in common? The conviction that you can look good despite the passage of time. We emphasized this in another advertising campaign, run in women’s magazines, OOH (outdoor) and online.