Media Expert: a growth from 223 centers to more than 460 electronics retailers across Poland over 6 years of cooperation.

During the long lasting cooperation with Ambasada, based on full-service, Media Expert entered Top3 of stores with household appliances & audio/video devices in Poland.


Gifts Expert

Christmas campaign 2018




An advertising campaign for Media Expert.

The first image campaign carried out for Media Expert made the brand hit
TV screens and the viewers’ awareness. The next films drew Poles’ attention to the chain of stores, and thanks to a celebrity as expressive as the Polish singer Doda, no one could pass by them indifferently.





Ewelina Lisowska

An advertising campaign for Media Expert

The singer Ewelina Lisowska became a next star of subsequent TV commercials created by Ambasada. The jingle “Media Expert. We turn on low prices” seems to be recognized all around Poland.






We turn on low prices

The cooperation with Media Expert resulted in many advertising campaigns, including a variety of films and radio spots. All of them have the same audio leitmotif, in which Ewelina Lisowska repeats what everyone has heard about, yet surely would like to hear it again…